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The People Are The Building Blocks Of Who We Are

In WEBARQ We Truly Believe That Our Company Is Only As Great As The People In It, And Each Person Plays a Valuable Part.

The Only Way To Do Great Work is To Love What You Do

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You have the convenience to manage a balanced professional and personal life

workhard playhard

Work alongside the right people with like passion and creativity

workhard playhard

Yes we work hard, but we also remember to play hard

workhard playhard

Gain access to attend Google & Facebook workshops and various training to advance in your field

 Disini aku banyak belajar dan dapat pengalaman baru, teman-teman yang asik dan saling support serta suasana kantor yang nyaman pastinya menambah keseruan saat bekerja. Komplit semuanya bisa aku dapetin setelah bekerja di WEBARQ!

Clarissa, Business Development

 WEBARQ is not an usual office but more like a playground where happy people are everywhere and really enjoy their work. Its cozy atmosphere and flexible working hours make WEBARQ a wonderful place to gain great knowledge, new experience, sharing awesome ideas and improve your creativity.

Biru, Art Director

 Once you stop learning, you start dying. Banyak hal baru yang bisa dipelajari di WEBARQ, mulai dari sesi sharing knowledge sampai menjadi problem solver untuk setiap project. Setiap individu pasti bertumbuh dan mempunyai pengalaman yang berharga.

Vebby, Creative Consultant

 Family, friends, relationships, experiences, knowledge, flexible time are just a few of the many benefits from my list. Where else do you wanna go? This is the Oasis !!

Saher, Business Development

WEBARQ is a great place that has improved my learning from both a professional and personal level. What makes WEBARQ stand out  is that every single employee has a stake in the company's success. I feel entirely part of the team, because they are really supportive and friendly. This has given me a lot of satisfaction and determination to help grow WEBARQ where it is right now

Avisatya, Account Manager
June, 07 2018
Buka Bersama 2018
Buka Bersama 2018
June, 07 2018

Buka bersama on June 2018, this time we host the event at our office. Great opportunity to take pictures at our office since we are moving to a bigger space soon.

April, 27 2018
Outing 2018
Outing 2018
April, 27 2018

WEBARQ Outing 2018 at Trizara Resort (Lembang). Great place and great environment for us to relax and bond with the big family.

April, 25 2018
Leadership Training
Leadership Training
April, 25 2018

Our team leaders had a very insightful training on leadership with coach Marvin Suwarso.


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FEBRUARY, 13 2013

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