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The Importance of Responsive Web Design

Date : October 12, 2012

responsive web

There are a number of browser on the market today with different resolution and screen size. Knowing this web agency cannot simply make a website like in the past. Web agency must be able to create a website that can be opened on those browsers. Creating a responsive web design is the surest way for web agency to reach such things. Web agency should know that their clients obviously want their company site able to be opened everywhere and anytime in order to boost up their sales. This reality has made each agency must improve their knowledge regarding responsive web design as well as improving their method and technology to keep up with today’s pace. The first thing web agency should know about responsive web design is it is started with incorporating media queries, CSS3, percentages fluid grids, the @media rule, flexible images, EM’s, flexible videos as well as other thing that made the website can be adapted on the entire browsers.

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