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Static Website

Date : September 14, 2012

There are two types of web that can be chosen at web agency, the first one is static web and the secondary one is dynamic web. Static web means that the website’s content will not be changed for a certain period. This kind of web is suitable for middle-small business or a company that has fixed product and service and only updates their website occasionally. There are 3 types of static web that should be understood by any web agency. The first one is full standard HTML. In this type, web agency will only bring you fixed format and only few animations in some parts like the gallery. This is lightest website of all. The secondary type is full animated website featuring flash. A good web agency will never recommend using this web if their client’s internet connection is too slow. The last one is the combination between fixed format and full animation web site. Web agency will suggest you to have this kind of website as it will bring better impact to the customers.

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