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Some Problems Implementing Responsive Web Design

Date : October 12, 2012

responsive web design


Responsive web design is a new thing by most web agency, thus problems always entails in implementing it. The first and foremost problem that always face web agency is the lack of fixed design phase. Each program in web agency will be faced by ever changing code frameworks, landscape of devices as well as scripts. Web agency will also have to explain the importance of responsive web design to their clients in the simplest words. Most clients do not share the same amount of knowledge like the one possessed by web agency. They will always think that a web can always be opened anywhere without changing the basic code. The last problem that surely face web agency is the amount of money and time required to test the finished website. It is vital for each web agency to do some testing in order to ensure the performance. But the number of devices that keep growing everyday has made it almost virtually impossible to test the website on each of them.

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