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Online Marketing

Date : July 31, 2010

In this age of globalization, the business world is highly competitive and faces countless obstacles; only the best is able to survive and grow to become the winner. Various methods are adopted to obtain optimal results that will bring satisfaction to their business associates. One of the ways is to promote company’s profile on the internet through a website. Today having a website is a necessity for those companies that keep up with current development. In addition to providing a convenient way for the public and business associates to access the company’s profile, a company's website also add sophistication and professionalism to a company’s image.

Viewed from the economic aspect, having a website is a practical and efficient way to save time and cost. To design and develop a website, a company or individual does not require a large amount of investment. Web architect offers web design and development packages at affordable price. Packages offered vary and range from an average of Rp 7 million for Classic Package, the cost is very reasonable when compared to the benefits your company will obtain in the future.

Besides designing and developing your company’s website, Web Architect also uses online marketing strategies to promote the website. This is because no matter how beautiful a website is; potential visitors will not be aware of the website’s existence unless it is being promoted. In this case, Web Architect uses a few methods to promote websites that are already online. First step is to put your company's website in popular and famous Search Engine such as: Google, Yahoo, Bing, AltaVista, Ask, etc... Every website that is developed by Web Architect will be promoted on every popular Search Engine in order to better facilitate our client.

It does not end there; Web Architect also uses Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to make sure that your website will appear on the top listing on Search Engines. One of the best strategy used by Web Architect when attempting to locate your website at the top position is by using Google Adwords, which is putting up an advertising on Google to attract potential customer to visit the website. Based on our experience, advertising on Google is relatively cheaper compare to advertising in magazines, radio or television. In terms of cost-effectiveness, Google Adwords is far above other means of advertising because payments charge dby Google is cost per click. Every visitor that clicks on the advertisement is a potential customer as long as we choose the right keywords for the advertisements.

Are you ready to create a website to market your business online? Please visit Web Architect – Professional Web Design Company to learn more information about our web design packages.

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