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How to Achieve Effective web Interactivity

Date : October 12, 2012

Effective web Interactivity

There are a number of elements that a web agency can explore to make web interactivity as effective as possible. On the flip side, using too many extravagant web elements can be bad as people tend to be confused on how to navigate the website. A web agency should clearly understand the subject or theme of the website itself. Not knowing it can be hazardous for both the web site and the web agency themselves. For instance, product website will need a variation on how the product is displayed. For this website, a web agency should stress on how to present the product as interactive as possible instead of plain category view. Using 3 dimensional flip books is one way to tackle web interactivity problem. Creating such animation might require huge amount of time as well as deep programming skill. Only top of the line web agency can solve the problem as well as create it in a matter of minutes. 

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