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Google is Repromoting Its Voice Search to Support Mobile Web Users

Date : March 29, 2016

On the same day of Google’s announcement of mobile algorithm update plan, Google Indonesia launched an ad called “Ngulik Ancol di Google app” that promote about Google Voice Search featured in their Android mobile OS. Ngulik means investigate and Ancol is one of the most popular tourism destination in Jakarta, Indonesia. Four days later, another same theme ad called “Ngulik Kemping di Google app” was also launched. Kemping means camping activity.

So, what are those all about? As you can witness, the mobile web surfers has increased significantly it surpassed the desktop web surfers. The ratio was raised to 70% compared to the latter in recent years. People are using smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and other mobile devices to find what they need.

Therefore, Google is campaigning its Voice Search to support the trend since the more people are getting mobile, the more difficult they use mobile device’s keyboard. Moreover, if the IoT (Internet of Things) gadgets is getting popular, the absent of device’s keyboard will be more eminent. Google Android mobile OS now features Voice Search in its Google Now and Now on Tap services.

Google strives to fix the error rate of Voice Search from 25% a few years ago to about only 8% today. The result is that more people type longer queries such as asking sentence or conversational search to find what they need instead of using shorter search keywords. Google will collects the search context, information of object in question, and current user location to answer the queries accurately.

What about the relation between the Voice Search and SEO to improve web ranking? Beshad Behzadi, Google's director of Conversational Search, advises to improve the quality of the website content and ensure the website is mobile-friendly.

As a conclusion, make sure your website supports with the Google latest upgrades and updates to keep your website displayed on the first or second page of Google search result. If you find any difficulties, please contact WEBARQ anytime for further help.

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