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Date : September 24, 2010

Social Media Marketing has become more popular these past few years. Facebook Fan Page is one of the most effective Social Media Marketing methods in Indonesia. Many businesses and organization still question the effectiveness of Facebook Fan Page. Is it worth the time and effort for a company in Indonesia to develop and maintain a Facebook Fan Page?

Web Architect has proven the benefits of using Facebook Fan Page. Facebook Fan Page is considered a cost efficient method to advertise your products or services. It can reach a large audience provided it is managed correctly.

Facebook Fan Page is one of the many features provided by Facebook. It is an online community where we can get ‘fans’ for our business and share information with our ‘fans’. 

Facebook Fan Page provides a medium for buyers and sellers to interact. For example, sellers can get feedbacks on the upcoming new product/service from the potential customers. This way sellers can have a projection on the success of a product or make improvements if necessary.

 Another benefit of Facebook Fan Page is that it can help organizing online events, for example photography competition, where fans can submit photos and all the fans will vote for the winner. Facebook Fan Page also allows sellers to share interesting information and promotion about the product.

By having Facebook Fan Page, a company can benefit from having better communication and interaction with the market, build brand awareness and brand royalty among potential customers while  deepening customer relation.

Check out our Facebook Fan Page at www.facebook.com/webarq.com .If you need more information on building a successful Facebook Fan Page, please do not hesitate to contact Web Architect- Professional Web Design Company, Jakarta.

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