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Consistent Web Navigation

Date : October 12, 2012

web navigation

Changes should be happening constantly in order to preserve the attraction of the web itself. A web agency should be able to make each change smooth and good. But web agency must be remembered that there is one element that cannot be changed drastically. That element is website’s navigation method. When web agency change how to navigate the website wholly, then the usual visitors will confuse and leave the site immediately. Hence increasing website’s bounce rate. Web agency should put each navigation elements right at the exact same location on each page. By doing this, web agency can secure the feeling of comfortable of navigating the website as well as maintaining the same colors, type and styles across the page. If a web agency fails to notice this, then the website that has been created will be useless. Few people might think jumping navigation selections are interesting, but what is matter here is what most people think and that is the key to increase website’s visit per day rate. 

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