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Affiliate Marketing

Date : September 22, 2010

There is a saying “kill two birds with one stone”. This metaphor is very suitable to describe companies that use affiliate marketing program. One of the benefits for companies who use affiliate marketing strategy is that they can reduce their fixed cost by using variable cost (giving a percentage of sales receipt as commission) as their marketing expenses. The commission offered usually range from 7.5% to 15%. The commission will be given in to those who have successfully recommended and promoted a brand or product as they do in offline marketing.

 In affiliate marketing, you will often hear the terms such as Merchant / Advertiser - those who has merchandise to sell, and then Affiliates / Publisher - the party that offers a reference or recommendations of a specific product, and the last is the Affiliate Networks - a business service for merchants who do wish to be inconvenience by the system that must be prepared.

Another advantage of affiliate marketing that has been favored and trusted by many companies is that it has zero risk factor and affiliate marketing has been around for ages. In affiliate marketing, both merchant and affiliates will gain from every sale that is made. Moreover, successful affiliate marketing will need significant work and continuous maintenance to meet the market needs and to produce large amounts of profit.

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