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A Reminding Navigation Web Elements

Date : October 12, 2012

Sometimes, web agency cannot fight the urge to use a number of navigation web elements. Whether it is because of the demand of each web agency clients or because there are too many information that must be put onto the website. The most obvious way to tackle this problem is by letting each user know where they are. Web agency must always identify each page in order to remind in which page they are now. In order to use this reminding method, web agency should always use the same style, color or highlight. It is important to use clear and obvious highlight to let each visitor know immediately where they are. Web agency can also put an interactive button on each page to let the users go to different section quickly and easily. Web agency can put these buttons somewhere that might not hinder the contents. Lastly, a “home” button must always appear to let visitor go to the main area just by clicking that one button.

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